Sunday, 15 March 2020

St Patrick's Day Birmingham 2020 - BBC WM

This years St Patrick's Day Parade in Birmingham became the first event to be called off due to the corona virus pandemic.

The Parade normaly sees up to 100 000 people lining Digbeth High Steet for one of the world largest events of its type.  However after the New York and Dublin parades where called off it left the team in Birmingham with no option.   Saftey first.

The plan was to have Adrian Goldberg at the bus broadcast the event as it happend. 

Please read our Coronavirus statement.

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Sunday, 1 March 2020

EFL Cup Final 2020

It is a staple of the BBC Bus.  The first visit to Wembley of the year and for the 3rd year in a row Manchester City are into the final.  This time they are up agents Premiership Aston Villa.

Football doesn’t stop in the capital and for the two hours in the run up to the match BBC WM will be live in at Tottenham’s ground for Tottenham v Wolves.  But they will broadcast from our new location on the Market Place next to Olympic Way for the two hours before that match. 

A true fan’s favourite BBC WM give out a limited edition hat in Villa’s colours and chatted to 100s of fans all wanting to see the glory days return to Villa Park.

BBC Radio Manchester had too much on that day and didn’t have time for a build up show from outside the ground.

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