Friday, 30 April 2010

Elections 2010

What would you do if you were Prime Minister?

On May the 6th 2010 Britain went to the polls to have there say in what the make-up of the new parliament would be. After 13 years of a Labour government there was a real feeling that the end of the road could be on the cards for Gordon Brown and his party.

It wasn't helped with bad performances at the new live TV debates and also Brown calling a voter a, “bigoted woman”.

However no one party won the election and the UK was left with a Tory/Lib collision.

For the weeks leading up to the election The BBC Bus was out in Dorset, Sunderland, Liverpool, Swindon and Luton.

We were asking people, “What would you do if you where Prime Minister?” And just like the outcome of the elections themselves, what we got where a lot of differing views. Click here to see some of the videos that we shot on the bus.

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View...  How the Dorchester Youth would vote.

The Election Tour

BBC Dorset's Sue Paz talks about the elections.

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