Monday, 30 July 2012

The Olympic Torch Relay 2012

The Olympic Trail Logo
Over 70 days in 2012 the Olympic Torch is crossing the UK.

Starting at Lands End in Cornwall, on the 19th of May, the torch went to every English county, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, before reaching the Olympic stadium in time for the games on the 27th of July.

As always the BBC bus has been with the torch every step of the way.  By the time the relay is over the re-branded BBC Olympic Bus will have made it to all but 4 BBC local radio stations, BBC Wales and BBC Scotland.

Adrian with an Olympic Torch
Arriving at each evening event we broadcast for the local station for that area about the party that is happing as the eyes of the world looks on.

Then the next day before heading to the next evening venue its breakfast time when the torch is relit and sent on its way for the day.

Starting in Cornwall and traveling up to Wales before a few days off as the torch goes to Northen Island.  We catch up with the Torch again as it came in to Scotland and then down the North East of England.   It was not long before it was going to the North west then Midlands and onward to the South East.    After  stops in the South it will make it to London in time for the games on the 27th of July 2012.

Along the way 8000 people got the chance to carry the flame.  From people who work in their community to well known sports personalities like Lewis Hamilton in Luton.

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