Friday, 29 April 2011

The Royal Wedding 2011

April the 29th 2011. Not only was it Margaret's birthday but also the day of the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey.

H.R.H Prince William of Wales, K.G. married Miss Catherine Middleton.

It was an early start for my and John Reynolds as we headed into Hyde park for the party. The service was due to start at 11am however we were in the park by 4.30am.

Hyde park was where 3 large screens got put up so that 1000's of people could view the whole service and party. And Party they did. Over 100, 000 of them in Hyde Park alone.

It is estimated that over 2 billion people worldwide watched the wedding on TV. You never know 2 billion people could of seen the bus in the park.

BBC 3 Counties Radio and BBC London both came out to the bus to do a full show from Hyde Park as well as a stream for GNS to all stations and voxes being sent to all 40 stations. BBC Five Live also came along and used or bus too.

It was a manic day which ended with Gareth Roberts doing GNS 2 ways sat on the roof of the bus with people still partying around.

It was a great atmosphere and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
The bus really came into it's own here as John broadcast 4 live streams of audio at once and each could be crossed with any of the others if needed.

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