Friday, 10 September 2010

A Cumbrian Tour

The BBC Bus visited Cumbria for the first 
time in September 2010 on a two week 
long station promotion taking in two large 
Cumbrian events.
The tour started on Tuesday the 2nd of 
September in Carlisle city center where the mid-morning program 
came from the bus.

It was a day off before we hit the oad again taking in Kendel Mintfest on Saturday the 4th of Sepember.

Anorther day off before there was two days in a row. On Monday the 6th of September we hit Whitehaven, outside the Beacon where Fern came out to broadcast his afternoon show live from the harbour. Then it was a 125 mile drive to Tuesdays venue , outside Forum 28 in Barrow town center
It was an earlt start on Thursday morning as the breakfast show came live from the 
bus at the Westmoreland show 2010.
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