Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Turn Back Time

What was the high street like before the days of Primark or Boots? The BBC 1 program Turn Back Time aims to find out. Over 100 years of high street history starting of with the Butcher, Baker and the Candlestick maker.

As the TV program revamped one high street in Somerset each week, BBC Video Nation picked 6 locations and found local storytellers and film makers to tell the history of their own high street.

The high streets range from, Stapleton Road in Bristol, which has the name of the most dangerous street in Britain, to the high street in Penzance. We also went to Eccles, Whitechaple, Beverley and Leicester.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

A Cumbrian Tour

The BBC Bus visited Cumbria for the first 
time in September 2010 on a two week 
long station promotion taking in two large 
Cumbrian events.
The tour started on Tuesday the 2nd of 
September in Carlisle city center where the mid-morning program 
came from the bus.

It was a day off before we hit the oad again taking in Kendel Mintfest on Saturday the 4th of Sepember.

Anorther day off before there was two days in a row. On Monday the 6th of September we hit Whitehaven, outside the Beacon where Fern came out to broadcast his afternoon show live from the harbour. Then it was a 125 mile drive to Tuesdays venue , outside Forum 28 in Barrow town center
It was an earlt start on Thursday morning as the breakfast show came live from the 
bus at the Westmoreland show 2010.
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Friday, 13 August 2010

Big Chill

Once agian the BBC Bus  made its way to Eastnor for the 2010 Big Chill music festival. 

The Big Chill 2010 was great. MIA, Massive Attack, John Shutleworth and Lilly Allan.

Headlining this year was Lily Allen whose dad Keith came along to watch.

After just announcing that she was pregnant this was Lily’s last gig before she had some time off. 

At the Bus Criag Charles came along to broadcast his Funk and Soul show for BBC 6 Music and Andrew Marsden did the same for BBC H&W.

With the Big Chill Radio next to the bus some big names like Norman Jay came along to have a look. 

Working for BBC H&W, the Blast Reporter Danni Hunt not only made some reports for the introducing show but was also in the right place at  the right time to get photos of a breaking news story. This copy made the BBC News online front page.

All great but what I enjoyed most was the BBC 6 Music Set by Craig Charles. Live via the BBC Bus from the Big Chill Radio Studios. Not only a great show and many people dancing but he is a nice guy with it. Don't you just hate it???

Strange how many people turned up when he was around.

Hopefully we can do the same next year.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

York 10k

Sor Geoff Hurst at the BBC Bus.
During the redevelopment of BBC Radio York they go given a BBC Bus so that they still had staff on their patch.

This means that I don't often get into York or North Yorkshire however I have filled in once when Mick (Radio Yorks driver) wanted a day off.

The Main event was a 10k run when we broadcast live from York race course. We even met THE world cup hat-trick hero himself.... SIR GEOFF HURST.

Before the Radio York had that bus and I had the Humberside bus I did 3 weeks for Radio York. One in Harrogate, one in Scarborough and one in York itself.

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Friday, 30 April 2010

Elections 2010

What would you do if you were Prime Minister?

On May the 6th 2010 Britain went to the polls to have there say in what the make-up of the new parliament would be. After 13 years of a Labour government there was a real feeling that the end of the road could be on the cards for Gordon Brown and his party.

It wasn't helped with bad performances at the new live TV debates and also Brown calling a voter a, “bigoted woman”.

However no one party won the election and the UK was left with a Tory/Lib collision.

For the weeks leading up to the election The BBC Bus was out in Dorset, Sunderland, Liverpool, Swindon and Luton.

We were asking people, “What would you do if you where Prime Minister?” And just like the outcome of the elections themselves, what we got where a lot of differing views. Click here to see some of the videos that we shot on the bus.

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View...  How the Dorchester Youth would vote.

The Election Tour

BBC Dorset's Sue Paz talks about the elections.

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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Day in.

Well the snow has beaten us today. We can't get out the farm. So it's a day in today.

Still got a lot done Joel for example hit another mile stone. For the first time he sat in a high chair at the table.

He looked so proud to be joining Jessica, Mummy and Me at the table.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Snow Go

Well I have gone in to Blackburn today to do some work however the snow came down and guess what? I'm snowed in.

Still Jessica enjoyed it.

It's not just me Blackburn Rovers League Cup Game with Aston Via had been called off. So I just think I will stay by the fire place.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Last day of old bus.

The BBC Bus went to have it's new re-fit today. New computers, new cameras and new things to do. It all starts in Blackburn where the red rap is Bering taken off and a new coat of paint (red) is put back on.

It was very snowy in Blackburn, not to say very cold. I almost missed my train due to a strike in the ticket office. I wish they would publish when these strikes are going to happen when you book tickets. That way I can plan better.

On another subjet, I have just found iPhone.tvcachup.com. Freeview TV on your iPhone. Great.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Day in.

We have had a day in today. Waching TV and playing on the computer.

It was nice to relax but with Jessica and Joel up all day we didn't realy relax. Until now. Just look at Joel.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

It's Panto time. Oh yes it is.

We went to Preston Guild Hall today to see Ted Robins and Sally Naden in Cinderella. (is that how you spell it?)

Ted and sall were great. Jessica really enjoyed it and loved Fifi. Cinders herself however got stuck in snow and was 30 minuets late. These things happen. We got an extra treat as a result. Ted came out and did a spot of stand up for us.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

New years day today so where did the wife have mr going? Shopping!

After all a trip to Cheser Oaks is what you want to do on new years day.

Still I started my new years task today. I intend to do 2 things.

1. Blog each day - so for, so good


2. Send a photo to my daily photo callendar each day. Well one down 364 to go. View it at www.adrianchenery.co.uk