Saturday, 1 March 2008


What a week!!!

First I was told that My job here at BBC Radio Humberside was safe. I will not be made redundent and I will carry on beeing a programs BJ however I had two applications in for attachments.

On Monday I went to BBC Radio Lancashire in Blackburn to be interviewed by Ben Thomson and Liam McCarthy for a bus BJ/Driver to travel around the UK.

On Friday I had an interview for BBC Radio York. They are getting a bus and needed a Bus driver/BA.

Luckly I got the first job so I pulled out of the Radio York job. I will take up my new role on April the 7th 2008 and it will last for at least a year. I will travel around the UK from one radio station to another promoting the BBC and carring on the work of the BBC Buses.

When my attchment ends I will come back to BBC Radio Humberside and carrie on working.

The last few months have been hard as I didn't know what I was going to do, now I can go on attachment knowing I am safe in the BBC.