Monday, 20 January 2014

BBC Manchester, Love Where You Live. Jan 2014

The BBC Bus in Ashton
BBC Radio Manchester were out and about again at the start of 2014,  as part of the "Love Where You Live Tour".

A Week on the road hitting areas that Radio Manchester doesnt normally get to and this time we had a digital doctor.  Well....  It was me.  Somehow I ended up being the font of all knowledge about iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.  It somehow worked.

Becky Want was the presenter that was out every day (apart from Friday when she had a day off).

The venues where The show came from were...

Monday 13th January (NO BUS THIS DAY)  Lowry Theatre
Michelle Daniel presenting in Ashton.

Tuesday 14th January  Burnside Community Centre, Langley                                         

Wednesday 15th January Tyldesley Town Centre                                                       

Thursday 16th January Finney Lane, Heald Green                                                  

Friday 17th January  Ashton Market  (Michelle Daniel presenting)                          

Saturday 18th January  Woodford Park Garden Centre      

Loads of people came to see Becky and loads more came with a digital problem.

Listen to
Becky's Show from the 15th of Jan

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