Sunday, 21 October 2007

Job Lost

This week Mark Thompson (DG of the BBC) told the BBC of his plans to cut 2500 jobs and to stop running BBC Buses and Open Centers.

This means that I am now looking for new work, inside and outside the BBC. Where as I have time to find something, my contract will not end until Aug 2008, the job I love will end in March.

It's sad news for me and all the people that work in the open centers and on the buses but also a sad day for the BBC as it will lose its hard earned contact with it's listeners and viewers.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Sleep in - No chance

Two days off work - Great chance to catch up on my sleep. No Chance, Jessica keeps us awak from 2am on Monday morning and on Tuesday we had to take her for her Jabs.

Well I say we had to take her, what I mean is they told us to take her. Turns out they were wrong and she didn't need any jabs.

Oh well, work tomorrow, maybe I can sleep there.