Friday, 8 May 2015

Colin Bloomfield Melanoma Appeal - Skcin

On Saturday the 25th of April 2015,  BBC Radio Derby Breakfast presenter Colin Bloomfield lost his battle agents cancer aged just 33. 

After a successful battle agents skin cancer some 10 years earlier he was diagnosed with cancer again a year ago.

Out of the great sadness that staff of BBC Radio Derby are felling came some good right out of the heart of Colin himself.

BBC Bus in Long Eaton
BBC Bus in Long Eaton 
Before his death Colin spent time promoting Skin Cancer awareness, how to avoid it and what to
look out for.

Linking up with the charity Skcin BBC Radio Derby hit the road to have peoples moles tested on the streets.

On the streets in Belper, Long Eaton, Burton and Derby, The BBC Bus was joined by two doctors per day to check peoples moles.

Over 500 people came to the the over the 4 days all working about a mole or mark on their skin.  I can't give numbers here but I know that some of the people that where seen to have been told it see their doctor as a mater of urgency. Most however were fine.  Even after his death Colin is saving lives.

Also on the bus was Anthony Hubbard from Skcin.  Along with the normal advice, Anthony had a Ultra Violet camera that can take photo of skin damage on your face due to the suns rays.

This photo is of me, (as Im not going to post one of a listener).  Normally you should shut your eyes and maybe not have such a cheesy smile but you can see that my skin in fine (for now).

At the time of writing this I have just seen that the appeal has raised just over its first target of £75000.

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