Saturday, 29 March 2014

Talent Ticket - BBC School News 2014

Talent Ticket Crew 2014
Talent Ticket Crew 2014
As part of BBC School Report week, BBC Bristol sent out its "Talent Ticket" crew into 10 schools over two week.  

The BBC Bus joined the crew for the first week only

Student Ambassadors from UWE joined with BBC crews from across Bristol and the UK to help give a wide range of media treated takes.

The task included, making a magazine programme,  sports commentary,  make up, reading the TV news and street dance.

The schools the bus visited are....

Monday 24th March – Oasis Academy John Williams
Tuesday 25th March - Merchants Academy, Withywood,
Wednesday 26th March - City Academy, St Georges
Thursday 27th March – Oasis Brighstowe, Lawrence Weston
Friday 26th March - Henbury School, ,

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