Friday, 22 November 2013

The 50th Anniversary of Dr Who Day.

Davros, King of the Darleks
When you think of Dr Who Kent may not be the first place that comes to mind.  With most episodes being shot in London or Cardiff BBC South East Today's claim that Kent was "The Home Of Dr Who" needed a little bit of explanation.

The claim is all based on the fact that the original script writer was from Hurne Bay and one of the Doctors lives there.

A long shot?  


But with the 50th anniversary being marked across the world BBC South East and BBC Radio Kent got on board with a Dr Who show, Kent Style.

500 Tickets were given out to viewers and the full house where joined by VIPs of the shows past including the very first director Waris Hussein and the actor who played Susan in the first episode Carole Ann Ford.  

Along with a few Moving Darleks and Cybermen the audience sat down to watch the first ever episode (An Unearthly Child) of Dr Who some 50 years after it was first aired but this time on a big screen.

Just 24 hours latter the BBC aired its own vision of Dr Who aimed at marking the historic footnote in Science fiction.  On BBC One HD "The Day Of The Doctor" was aired across the UK as well as over 90 differant territories around the world.  The aim of the show was to right the wrong in the Doctors past. 

Over 10.6 Million people tuned in to BBC One to watch the drama with many more going to 3D cinema screenings of the event or watching around the world.   Beating Strictly Come Dancing into 2nd on the night with 10.2 Million views and ITVs X Factor into 3rd with just over 8 Million viewers.      

It just shows that even a 50 year old Doctor can still pull in the crowds around the world.

Also see a video and report of the VIPs at the event on a Q&A 
              BBC Kent 

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