Sunday, 28 December 2008

Win and Draw

After just 3 games in Charge of Blackburn Rovers it's wins 1 and 2 draws for big Sam. Picking up 5 points from 9.
Not a bad return for the ex Bolton and Newcastle boss when you consider where we were when he came in.
Still we are 19th out of 20th but closed the gape down to 2 points.
Heres to 2009

Chrismas day th 3rd

Well I am glad that is over for another year. Having 3 cristmas days next to each other so as not to upset anyone is not good. How did that man who had 365 christmas days a year cope?

Anyway Next year we will not be doing it. I think we will go away for Christmas. Anyone know of anywhere good.

Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas 2008

Hi. Im Back and for 2009 I will be keeping this blog up-to-date.

Yesterday Jessica opened her presnets from her Mum and Dad on her 2nd Christmas. Today (Boxing day) we are going over to Darwen to get the rest of the family's gift. Jessica is worried that Grandma will not like her present but I have told Jessica not to worry.

I have posted photos online of Jessica opening her presents,

Hope you had a happy Christmas.