Saturday, 1 March 2008


What a week!!!

First I was told that My job here at BBC Radio Humberside was safe. I will not be made redundent and I will carry on beeing a programs BJ however I had two applications in for attachments.

On Monday I went to BBC Radio Lancashire in Blackburn to be interviewed by Ben Thomson and Liam McCarthy for a bus BJ/Driver to travel around the UK.

On Friday I had an interview for BBC Radio York. They are getting a bus and needed a Bus driver/BA.

Luckly I got the first job so I pulled out of the Radio York job. I will take up my new role on April the 7th 2008 and it will last for at least a year. I will travel around the UK from one radio station to another promoting the BBC and carring on the work of the BBC Buses.

When my attchment ends I will come back to BBC Radio Humberside and carrie on working.

The last few months have been hard as I didn't know what I was going to do, now I can go on attachment knowing I am safe in the BBC.

Newcastle 0 Rovers 1

What a way to rap up a great week. Suppersub Matty Derbyshire scored the winning goal late in the game at St, James Park. Earler on this week his wife give birth to not one, but two baby.

The goal moves Rovers into 7th place in the league and onto the race for a UEFA cup spot. Well Done Matty.