Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The BBC and The Unions agree.

Well it's a start. The BBC and the Joint unions have started to agree. This May safeguard my job, safeguard the quality of BBC output and safeguard trust in a BBC which is being lead from one disaster to another. (Blue Peter ect.)

The BBC had a very bad 2007 with trust in the corperation at an all time low. If strike action is taken by the unions this is only hurt the cooperation in the long term.

It's time for Mark Thomson and the BBC Trust to stand up and be counted. Thanks for listening Mark now act. Your cooperation is hurting and staff moral is at a 20 year time low. We where , not so long ago, the most creative organization in the world. Lets get back there and let the broadcasters broadcast.

I fear that it is too late for the Buses, however you can save the open centers and keep the hard earned respect of our audiences.

For more information on the union/BBC talks look at these websites.


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